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It's HONDA GROM/MSX125 exclusive use.
Two functions are provided in the upper holder.  It is an insufficient function for a normal meter.
The installation work is done by the coupler.  It easily does the installation work.
It reads the value of the temperature sensor of brand-name parts.
The temperature of the engine oil is displayed.  The voltage of the battery is displayed.
It begins to cut down high-quality aluminum.
The wiring for the exclusive use is produced with correct length.
The display is switched with an external switch.
There are three colors in the product.(black silver red)
Seven segments ×4 LED display  Blue LED penetration display
Oil temperature degree meter -10℃〜180℃(100℃ : every 0.1℃. 100℃ or more is displayed at 1℃.)
The maximum temperature is memorized.
It is warned that it becomes high temperature.
The voltmeter displays 8V〜18V. The voltmeter can be displayed only at the start.
And, the oil temperature degree is displayed while running.