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  • The numerical value of all of the MAP is set to the "0" at first in a state of being connected to the motor bicycle.
    How do I how to understand this numerical value?
  • ENIGMA is a "sub-controller".
    You can not see the inside of the ECU MAP of normal.
    ENIGMA performs the increase / decrease of the fuel injection time for this ECU invisible MAP.
    MAP data "0" is the same as normal data(ECU injection time).
  • For example, if you enter 100, do you know what percentage that it will work increased?
  • If you enter 100, it is that normal injection quantity plus 100μs increase at that time.
    the increase / decrease is controlled by the injection time.
  • Please tell me the reference MAP in light tune of about air cleaner and muffler.
  • Setting varies depending on the structure and resistance of exhaust muffler.
    Also,there are various air cleaner.
    If we make a reference data,You can not use it is not the same structure.
  • When the injection quantity input field and the chart screen is all zero,Do I have to enter a value before the engine start?
    Is the ENIGMA possible to write and read the data except PC?
  • Fuel MAP data "0" is the same as normal data.
    You can drive the motor bike soon.
    You can use the ENIGMA by a smartphone(Android or iOS) except for model of USB connection.
    A PC and a Smartphone has the same function.
  • Can I use the ENIGMA for V125 (K5~K7 before K9) ?
  • The V125(K5~K7 before K9) is a CDI ignition.
    You can not use the ENIGMA because the ENIGMA has an ignition system that is different from the CDI.
  • Why the CYGNUS-X model 4 is FirePlus type only?
  • CYGNUS-X model 4 of the ECU performs the ignition control limiter in addition to the conventional fuel cut limiter. Therefore you must have ignition control is possible FirePlus. Click here for details
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